Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control

For Home and Business

iControl - a leading electrical engineering company

iControl is a leading electrical engineering company specialising in design, build, installation and commissioning of intelligent control systems for modern living.

Intelligent control for modern living

Doors & Shutters

Doors and Shutters

Open and close doors, shutters and security barriers anywhere on your property at the touch of a button, no matter where you are. Enable access conveniently and ensure total peace of mind when securing your home or business premises.

Lights and blinds

Lights and Blinds

Adjust the mood of a room in seconds and easily monitor your energy usage with full control over lighting and blinds. Use window and blind sensors to create a fully responsive environment that adjusts automatically to reduce glare or to make use of natural heat from the sun when needed.


Optimise comfort in your home with the ability to adjust room temperature and set heating timers straight from your smartphone or tablet. Create specific heating zones to reduce energy waste or to maintain perfect working conditions across various areas of a business.


Play music from Spotify or iTunes instantly in any room of the house with our wireless speaker systems. Create a fully immersive home cinema experience with automated controls that allow you to dim the lights, start the projector and activate the sound system simultaneously, all from the comfort of your seat.

Security Cameras

Maximise the security of your home or commercial premises with fully integrated camera surveillance. View camera images ‘live’ at anytime from your control panel or smartphone and incorporate movement detectors that work in sync with IP cameras to trigger the necessary actions if unusual activity is detected.


Communicate effectively and professionally with clients or visitors through state of the art intercom systems. Pair with automated doors to conveniently grant access to employees or accept deliveries, with options for video displays, fingerprint scanning, personal pins and more.

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