Intelligent Business

When it comes to the day-to-day running of a business, we know efficiency is key.

At iControl, we offer a wide range of intelligent building control solutions, designed to lower operating costs and save time, that are both quick to install and easy to operate.

Complete control in a single system

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As a KNX partner, the worldwide STANDARD for building control, we have the ability to combine all of your current requirements into one streamline system. With all aspects of building management being signalled via a uniform system, this means every feature can be easily controlled and monitored in one place – either through the touch screen panel or any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Modern, efficient, intelligent solutions

From offices and factories to hotels and public buildings, we have a range of control options to suit all types of business premises. Just a few examples of what our team can achieve include:

Fully automated control of building access with the ability to open and close doors, shutters and security barriers anywhere on the premises, no matter where you are.

Receive intercom calls to your smartphone, confirm visitor identity through the live video feed and grant entry at the touch of a screen.

Control all lighting, heating and ventilation systems, across multiple zones, to optimise working conditions and control energy use.

Turn off all lights and appliances in one place when leaving the building and check all windows are closed with just a glance at the touch panel, saving time and ensuring peace of mind.

Fully automated boardroom facilities to prepare for presentations in seconds. At the press of a button the lighting will dim, blinds and presentation screens will be lowered and the projector and sound system will be activated.

Flexible and expandable

The technology we use means that if your business requirements change or expand at any time in the future additional functions can be added to the existing bus system without further installation work – saving time and minimising disruption.

Whether you want to control energy usage, increase security, modernise your facilities or enhance customer experience, our solutions can be tailored to your business’s exact requirements.

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