KNX easy

KNX easy... consistently simple, intuitive configuration and efficient control.

KNX easy¬†from Hager, the new home control system that provides an easy-to-use application in private residential buildings, is the answer that many electrical installers have been waiting for. It’s a novel, uncomplicated, quick and inexpensive solution – but above all else, the new¬†easy configuration software is, as the name suggests, a breeze to use. You don’t need any new hardware, or costly ETS software.

With easy, all you need is an easy configuration server, a tablet and the easy app – and once you have those, you can create simple yet effective control solutions in real time. KNX easy allows you to work quickly and reduces the amount of time you have to spend on programming.
The system makes purchasing an intelligent building management system a worthwhile choice for even the average household. Not only that, but its modular nature also allows for expansion further down the line, so you can plan ahead and cut costs.