Multi Room Audio Systems

Audio Systems

Instant access to endless music. With our multi-room audio experience it so easy to add music to your life. In one room. Or many. Playing the music you own or endless songs and stations streaming from the internet. Wireless multi-room music systems unlike any other.

We can provide solutions that suit your budget and installation is super quick!

Unlimited Music. Wireless streaming. Incredible control. Call 028 796 3200 for a free on-site visit!

Multi-Room Control with Sonos

Audio Panel Unlimited music. Wireless streaming from your iTunes on a PC, harddrive or even from your old record player! You get it all with the amazing Sonos Multi-Room Music System. You can even use your iPhone or iPad as a controller with the new Sonos app!

Stunning Sound with Bose and B&W

Bose B and W